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Barry Mishkind - The Eclectic Engineer

On this page, you will find:

The Broadcast FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Broadcasting. compiled by Barry Mishkind.

Broadcast Computer Programs:

OLDRADIO.EXE - A self-extracting infobase file (shareware) of broadcast history on the pioneer radio stations of the US, with their history from the 1920s through today. (This edition is no longer current, but it is hoped a newer edition can be made available if there is interest.) 

COVPRED.ZIP - A program to provide simple coverage predictions for FM and TV.

D&A.ZIP - A program to give distance and azimuth between two coordinates.

TOOLBOX - Tom Osenkowsky's set of freeware engineering tools.

RFS.EXE - Version 2.47 of the popular program from RF Specialties.

Math Tools ... a listing of over 20,000 links to technical computing information

AM RFR worksheet - courtesy of Redgy at KJNP

FM RFR worksheet - courtesy of Redgy at KJNP

Top Ten Lists:

FCC Information     

Database software:

Files from Bob Carpenter: - Uses the FCC AM station database and allows searching, as well as plotting the transmitter locations to a map using the DeLorme mapping program.
    readme34.1st -  a "Readme" file for the AM station program. - Uses the FCC FM and TV station databases and allows searching, as well as plotting the transmitter locations to a map using the DeLorme mapping program.
    readme74.1st - a "Readme" file for the FM/TV station program.

On line resources:

The FCC's License Management System (LMS) - This has the FCC public database, which is more or less correct. - A great site for getting quick information on any station. Even trace some legacy call signs!

additional items.

BCmap - By Jim Tonne - plots the stations on any frequency or all frequencies in any given area, plus more. A neat tool.

Manuals and schematics:


We have been accumulating a large selection of older operating and service manuals for various pieces of broadcast gear. A decent index to them is in progress, as is the outreach for additional titles. If you have old manuals and would be willing to share the wealth, please let me know. If you can scan any or all of it, even better!

The initial index of manuals will be located here.


Discussion and Technical Archives:
(See also the Equipment pages, where tech tips are linked with the gear.)

A Spreadsheet to help calculate and broadband AM antennas - by Andy Green (Waterford City, Ireland)

Kahn Powerside discussion - From the Broadcast mailing list.

Digital Exciter and processing discussion - from mailing lists.

Transmitter Site Security Checklist - Version 1.0 by Barry Mishkind

RPU and Microwave Safety Issues - by Andy Funk, WAGA-TV

Richard Fry's Sidelobe discussion

Richard Fry's Sidemounted Antenna discussion

Shively antenna plots


A few other items you might find interesting: