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It's time now for the ....


The Oldradio.com TOP TEN


Bubbling under (Honorary 1996 Telcomm Act peeve):

The 3 am call from a rather indignant DJ in the eight station consolidation announcing in a huffy voice:
 "Our radio station is off the air!" 
Followed by the question, "Yea, which one?" 
And to that our DJ answers, "You know, the FM!!!" 
... as he puts you on
hold to answer the request line leaving you to wonder, "Yea, which one?"

10. PDs with those little green screwdrivers.

9. Lame weekenders who can't restart the transmitter or change the pattern.

8. Traffic people who schedule all EAS tests at 3AM.

7. GMs and SMs who think any remote they can sell ought to be on the air in 10 minutes.

6. PDs who are deaf in one ear.

5. DJs who never check to see if they are actually on-the-air.

4. DJ's who can't fill out logs.

3. DJ's who, instead of asking questions about a problem, simply don't do anything.

2. PDs who are deaf in both ears.

...and here it is:

1. 3:00 AM wake up calls to notify the engineer a cue light is burned out on the console.