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The Oldradio.com TOP TEN

WWV Promotional Ideas:

by Gary Liebisch


According to reports, NIST is surveying listeners/users of WWV to see how they can improve the service. Here are my own TOP 10 suggestions for "hyping" WWV

10. Buy the rights to "bee-doop" from old Mutual network.

9. New Station ID "WWV, fort collins-DENVER!"

8. New Slogan "Give us 22 minutes--we'll give YOU 22 minutes!"

7. Hire "Perfect Paul" away from NWS to do side-splitting morning show.

6. Have music director expand playlist to include "Theme from 60 Minutes".

5. Do station promo poking fun at Canadians on CHU.

4. Drive time slogan "Propagation and Solar Weather Together on the 15's".

3. LIVE Solar Flare Remote from surface of the Sun!

2. Hire low paid female sidekick for announcer who laughs hysterically every time he gives the time.

.... And the #1 Promotional Idea for WWV

1. "9th Caller wins an Atomic Clock!".


Our thanks to Gary Liebisch from Harris Corp. gliebisch@cinci.rr.com