[SFX: drum roll]

It's time now for the ....


The Oldradio.com TOP TEN



10. Our subscription to the Rules just ran out three years ago.

9. We're a small, poor station. We shouldn't have to obey all those Rules ... we just don't have time.

8. All our test gear is out on loan to Afghan War Lords.

7. Why pick on us, all the other stations were overmodulating first?

6. Hey, we're a Public Service here - and the Public wants it this way.

5. We paid our dues to the NAB and the local state broadcasting association. Isn't that supposed to protect us?

4. We thought Deregulation eliminated all those silly Rules.

3. It was all the fault of that last rotten engineer - the guy that refused to maintain everything at our four stations with a budget that exceeded $25 each month.

2. My uncle works at the FCC. (Sorry ... that was before the budget cuts; now uncle works in a law office.)

The New #2: IDs? IDs? We don't got to play you no stinkin' IDs. (Logos, however, are a different story).

... and now .... tah dah!

1. Two little words - "We Forgot!"