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The Oldradio.com TOP TEN Reasons to Work at a 50 kW
Station in a residential area:

Contributed by Fred Morton:


10. You have the thrill of having fluorescent lights illuminate your path (without being plugged into anything) as you're walking out to each tower to read base currents.

9. The thrill of practicing diplomacy as you explain to the folks why the AM station gets into their brand new (computer, DVD player, CD player, big screen tv, satellite receiver, car, refrigerator take your pick!).

8. You'll learn biology and first aid as you help tower climbers when they make the mistake of jumping off the hot tower without asking you to kill the carrier first.

7. Meet your neighbors-many who listen to you without needing a radio!

6. Meet your friends at the telephone company who know the station and neighborhood intimately since they come out once a week to fix someone's telephone (either yours or one of the poor souls that lives just outside of the antenna site).

5. Be a testing ground for consumer grade audio equipment, trying to work in a 10+ volt field.

4. Thrill to QSL card requests from other countries.

3. Learn a healthy respect for electricity as you personally experience a RF burn from the hot center tower (tuning components to flashlight, flashlight to your thumb).

2. Examine what high current can do to contactors (and just about anything else it comes in contact with).

... and the #1 reason to work at a 50 kW Radio station in a residential area:

1. Having the chance to explain to the CB'er living just next door that no, he can't borrow the station's "beam" so he can talk to his buddies in California on 11 meters.