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1. Early Radio Programming (1909-1921)

2. The Rise of Broadcasting (1921-1925)

3. The Networks - a history of US Program and News networks starting in the mid-1920s.

4. The Age of Network Programs (1926-1948) 

5. The Transition Years (1948-1955)

6. Power transfers from the networks to the "large groups" (1950 - 1995)

7. Format City (1955-present)

Stations begin to break away from the weakening network programming lineups. Morning and afternoon programs are designed to provide local news, weather, and other elements that made the station "local." Among the famous programs that had been operating for years, William B. Williams in New York. A newer "model" using impromptu comedy as a foundation was pioneered by Steve Allen (among others) in the 1940s, and developed in the 1950s by Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding (in New York) and The Joy Boys (Willard Scott and Ed Walker) in Washington.

8. Music Licensing

9. Ratings.