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Barry Mishkind - The Eclectic Engineer
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This section is devoted to some of the most interesting stories of the early efforts to get sounds and information broadcast from one place to another - often with huge pieces of transmission equipment.

Your Host is Don Kimberlin:

Jurassic Radio, Part I: Poulsen
by Don Kimberlin

An introduction

Jurassic Radio, Part II: Marconi
by Don Kimberlin


Jurassic Radio, Part III: Poulsen
by Don Kimberlin

Valdemar Poulsen’s Canned Lightning

Jurassic Radio, Part IV: Fessenden
by Don Kimberlin

Fessenden Gives Radio Its Voice

Jurassic Radio, Part V: RF Generators
by Don Kimberlin

Alexanderson, etc.

What did Marconi Hear?
by Don Kimberlin

Did he hear the famous "S" or not?

Guglielmo Marconi Page

Links and graphics.

The World's Largest Radio Station
by Carlos Altgelt

The mysterious Navy ELF project.
(This file is as large as the station!)

by Mike Adams.

As seen on PBS.

by Barry Mishkind


Ernst Alexanderson
by Barry Mishkind