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ITA Electronics

Lansdowne, PA

ITA (Industrial Transmitters and Antennas) was founded by Bernie Wise and Walter Annenburg (TV Guide) in the early 1960s.

Under contract to Collins Radio Company, ITA built a line of FM transmitters labeled as "Collins/ITA." The transmitters were of tetrode design, but, as with many transmitters of the era, had stability problems. ITA also manufactured its own serrasoid exciter which was similar to the RCA and REL exciters.

ITA also made consoles and cart machines.

Other people at ITA included Guffy Wilkinson, who went on to found his own transmitter company.

After leaving ITA, Wise went on to found CCA electronics and, later, Energy-Onix.

Annenberg sold ITA and  went out of the broadcast business in 197x.



AM transmitters:


AM-1000A - 1 kW

WNJH - 1964

- 5 kW

KQV, Pittsburgh, PA

AM-50,000A - 50 kW
WCPC - Houston, MS
has one of only three built.

1963: $89.5000


FM transmitters:

SG-1D  - Stereo Generator 
  FM-10A  - 10 W

1963: $1330  (FCC Spares: $21.45)

FM-10D  - 10 W

used 6146 tube

FM-1000B - 1 kW

FM-1000C - 1 kW

FM-7500B - 7.5 kW

KNUS, Dallas - 1967

FM-10,000C - 10 kW

FM-15000C - 15 kW
FM-20000C - 20 kW

FM-25000C - 25 kW
FM-35000C - 35 kW

FM-40,000C - 40 kW


Studio Gear:

AC-1B 7 Pot Mono Console

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