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Founded in Woodlyn, Pennsylvania by Guffy Wilkinson in the late 1960s after leaving ITA

Wilkinson sold transmitters, exciters and ...

Guffy died in 1979, and the company began to struggle. Wilkinson Electronics was sold to TTC in Arvada, Colorado in 1981, which in turn was sold to Larcan in 1993. 



AM transmitters:


X-WYXE, now on 75 meters


FM transmitters:

             FME-10 - 10 Watts

Solid state exciter

  FM-250 - 250 W

FM-2500E - 2.5 kW
  FM-10  - 10 kW
   - 25 kW




Exciters/Stereo Generators, Limiters,
and solid-state rectifiers.