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 The Original CCA

 The "New" CCA 

CCA Electronics, Inc.
Gloucester City, NJ

Bankrupt - 1982

CCA Electronics, Inc.
Fairburn, GA

Bankrupt - November 2002

Current Parts resources:

VBEngineering - 903-729-6204 -   
Goodrich Enterprises - 402-493-1886 
V&J Electronics - 770-907-2694


Since its founding in 1962 by a group of RCA engineers led by Bernie Wise, CCA Electronics has gone through several iterations. 

Known for relatively "simple" designs, over the years, CCA has manufactured transmitters and consoles, among other products..  (Juan Chiabrando and Bernie Wise developed the grounded-grid triode design that was a company "trademark.") Initially, however, CCA used Moseley as a source for its FM exciters, later using QEI.

CCA was purchased by Singer Electronics in 1974 ...  and went bankrupt in 1982.

In 1982, CCA (or at least the Singer (Sintronics) and CSI parts stocks thereof) was purchased from bankruptcy by Ron Baker, and reopened as the "New CCA" in Fairburn, GA.  CCA purchased Rek-o-kut, a Long Island City maker of turntables.

Beginning in 1989, Van Nguyen worked at CCA, eventually becoming the Manager.

Baker's CCA went bankrupt in early 2002, and Commercial Communications Associates, an investment group (based in Luanda, Angola) headed by Alvar St. Aubyn purchased the assets. It did not last very long, CCA once again filed for bankruptcy and closed its operations in early November 2002.

Parts and support is still found, as above, mostly via Mr. Nguyen. (Charlie Goodrich passed away in 2018, and we seek more information on the disposition of his stocks.)


Most D, E, F models were from the New Jersey years
G models came from the Georgia reincarnation.

AM transmitters:


AM 1000D - 1 kW

WIZK - 1971?

  AM 5000

AM 5000D - 5 kW

WKOP, Binghamton, NY

AM 10000D - 10 kW
AM 10000F - 10 kW
Same cabinet for 5 and 15 kW units, as well as
the 20 kW FM transmitters.
  AM 15000F
AM50,000D - 50 kW

The last one was sold to WRNO, New Orleans

FM transmitters:


Similar to ITA's exciter, but used a 7984 Compatron


the 10D with a stereo generator included.

  FM-10E - 10 Watt 

Solid state exciter

FM 20G
  FM-40E - 10 Watt 

Solid state exciter

FM 500G -  500 W - 1993

KGNR - John Day, OR


WYTJ,  Indiana               



WVOR, Rochester, NY





WAER, Syracuse, NY - KQWB, Moorhead, MN

FM 5000DS - 5 kW

WAAL - Binghamton, NY

  FM 8000G
  FM 10000GX - 10 kW

FM 10000GZ - 10 kW
This cabinet covered 2.5 to 12.5 kW models
2500, 4000, 5000, and 8000 Watt models were "G"
10000, and 12500 watt models were "GZ"
  FM 20000DS


FM 25000D - 25 kW

FM 25000DS - 25 kW

KQWB-FM, Fargo, ND

FM 25000G - 25 kW


FM 35000G - 35 kW



FM45,000G3 - 45 kW
WXTB, Tampa ... WKLS, Atlanta
This model was designed to run 35-60 kW


Futura Six     

10 Channel Stereo
KNUS - Dallas - 1969


SG 1E - Stereo Generator
Built 7-25-74 for WLYX.

LA-1D "Limiter"

Circuit a clone of the Sta-Level?     




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