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This relatively short-lived company appears to have been variously known as Singer Electronics, Sintronics, and CSI, was formed in 19xx by xx ....  

Singer purchased CCA in 1974, which may have paved the way to the CSI name. 

CSI went bankrupt in 198x, and its stock was purchased by Ron Baker, who formed the "New CCA" in Fairburn, GA in 1982



AM transmitters:

T-1-A - 1 kW
WVBG - Vicksburg, MS
T-5-A - 5 kW
WIZK - Bay Springs, MS

FM transmitters:

Stereo Generator
Trayer Rende comments: An amazing unit I acquired for $10 on e-bay. I couldn't let it get thrown away. Barrier strip left and right in, BNC composite out. left and right attenuation inside as well as I believe pilot trim, and other unknown adjustments. When I got it, never opened, the factory used foam and cardboard as insulators between the caps and boards that were deteriorated from the electrolyte/PCB from the leaky caps. This unit was a mess, but a simple rebuild and she's back on the air. Amazing stereo separation for an 80's unit.
EX-20F - Exciter
  T-3-F - 3 kW





T-20-F - 20 kW
-FM - Ottawa