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Collins Radio Company

The Collins Radio Company* was founded in 1932 by Arthur A. Collins* at Cedar Rapids, IA.  It was famous for producing high quality transmitters for amateurs, the military and the  broadcast industry. Under the Collins label also came some of the most popular consoles and cart machines used by radio stations.

In 1973, Collins Radio Co. was bought by Rockwell and moved to Dallas, TX, as Rockwell-Collins. On October 1, 1980, Rockwell spun the Collins Broadcast line off to Continental Electronics. (See also the CONTINENTAL ELECTRONICS page).

2002 - A new book on the life of Arthur Collins is now available.

* - This is a link to a site that focuses on the amateur/military products from Collins. However, the server seems occasionally to be balky and slow. 


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12H - January 1937
  12Y - One pot remote amp - 1947

12Z - Four pot remote amp
212A-1 - mono
212B - mono
212C-1 - mono
212E-1 Nine pot mono
Here's a restored unit.

212F-1 - Five pot mono

212G-1 - Nine pot mono
KTKT, Tucson, AZ
212-K1 - four pot mono

Courtesy: Danny Ray Boyer

  212-L1 - eight pot mono/stereo
212M  -  1967

aka Mark 6
Designed by Jack Sellmeyer

212P-1/212P-2 - 1977
aka Mark 8
Designed by Jack Sellmeyer
212R - 1978
aka Audio Rock 10
Designed by Jack Sellmeyer
212S - Six pot stereo  1967
212V-1 - 8 pot dual or stereo

Manufactured by Autogram

IC-10 - 10 pot stereo console

Manufactured by Autogram

  IC-8 - 10 pot stereo console

Manufactured by Autogram




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  26-C - AM Limiter
  26-U1 - AM Limiter