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This console, built in 1969, has been restored. It seems to be a bridge between the Collins 212 series and the IC series, manufactured for Collins by Autogram.  

Jack Sellmeyer relates: The 212V series of consoles were designed in the latter half of the 1960ís under J. L. Smithís rein and were manufactured in the Dallas plant.


Although the exterior bears a resemblance to the IC series, this came first. One of the indications that this was an early design is that the electronics were on motherboards. Another, is the lack of remote start buttons along the front. 

Dave Hultsman remembers: This was manufactured before the IC-6 and IC-10 which Collins developed and Auto-Gram origionally an Automation company (evolved from the Continental Electronics Pro-Log Automation product line). 

It used a Teflon hinge on the circuits board. 

You can see the IC-6 and IC-10 cabinet metal work was similar to the earlier 212V-1 console.


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