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Plano, TX

Veteran Dallas engineer Ernie Ankele and his wife DeLores started Autogram to produce an automation system after Continental discontinued their Pro-Log Automation line. (Autogram = Automated Programming?  or some such variation?)

Later, after building the 212V, Collins asked Autogram to design a new series of consoles. The IC (Instant Custom) 10 and 6 pot consoles were the result. Their sturdy construction and modular electronics made them an instant hit - over 2500 were sold. The console was built like a tank (one of them even lived through a revolution in Central America, complete with a bullet hole!).

For a while after purchasing Collins broadcast, Rockwell International tried to build the IC series themselves. A dispute arose. Ultimately, Autogram was able to make the consoles more cost effectively than Rockwell. The IC series and the cousins, the Autogram AC-6, AC-8, and AC-10 continued to be popular for a long time. Their Ankele's friendly faces were a fixture at NAB shows for many years.

In 2006, Orban purchased the company from the Ankeles, allowing them to retire. 

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212V-1 8 pot dual or stereo

Built for Collins Radio



Built for Collins Radoi

Built for Collins Radoi
Courtesy: Ed Golly

Pacemaker 8
Pacemaker 10
Mini Mix 8
  Mini Mix 10