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Major Edwin H. Armstrong

The inventor of FM. by Donna Halper





Howard Cosell

Telling it "like it was." by Don Kimberlin


The man behind the real Superstation. by Barry Mishkind

Lee de Forest  
Allen Du Mont TV pioneer  

"Big Brother" Bob Emery

A Boston Legend. by Donna Halper


Can you "see" this?  
Dwight Harkins    

Richard Haskey



  by Barry Mishkind

Doc_Herrold_TV_Show by Mike Adams.

Guglielmo Marconi


Eleanor Poehler

A Minnesota Radio Pioneer by Donna Halper

Eunice Randall

Among the first female broadcasters by Donna Halper


. by Donna Halper

Irv Vermilya

  by Donna Halper

Marie Zimmerman

First Woman Station Owner by Donna Halper