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The broadcast industry in Mexico has developed in an amazing way, from the Border Blaster stations along the US border to the Spanish language television networks which are beamed around the world.

Mexican Broadcasting:

  • History
  • Regulation
  • Station Identifications
  • Station Histories

Mexican Broadcast History:

A history of Guadalajara, Mexico Broadcasting - by Francisco de Jesus Aceves Gonzalez

Propaganda on Mexican Radio in WWII - by Jose Luis Ortiz Garza

The 1st TV Station in Mexico - by Francisco Hernandez Lomeli
    * English Translation by Joe Creason


Mexican stations are regulated by the SCT, which seems to be somewhat like the US Dept of Transportation.

Station Identification:

The ITU originally assigned the call letter blocks to Mexico.

Today, Mexican AM and VHF-TV stations use call letters beginning with XE--- (as do a few "grandfathered" FMs); in general, FM and UHF-TV stations use XH---. The suffix FM or TV is not mandatory.

  • Some are three letter calls: XEX or XEW.
  • Some are four letter calls: XELO.
  • Some are five letter calls: XETRA, XHJUB-TV
  • A few are six letter calls: XEJAZZ, XHHUPN (TV)

Station Histories:

Please see the separate page.