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Ampex Corporation

Ampex is probably better known for tape recorders than almost any other company; the name Ampex becoming almost synonymous with the machines. Sure, there was RCA, IVC, and other early makers. But Ampex became the industry standard format, both in audio and video recording.

The Ampex video system is now obsolete, but many thousands of quadruplex & 1" Helical Scan videotape recordings remain. Machines that survive are used to transfer archival recordings to modern digital video formats. MBT VTR Museum
Between March 30, 2008 and October of that year, Ampex Corp. reorganized under Chapter 11 and divested itself of its remaining going concern in October, 2014.
Ampex Corporation supported the Ampex Museum of Magnetic Recording, started by Peter Hammar in 1982. .... The contents of that museum were donated to Stanford in 2001.
Source: Wikipedia July 2015

Television Equipment

Video Tape Recorders:


Year Model/Misc. Remarks

1956 VR-1000 - At CBS Television City
The same VR-1000 on the 25th Anniversary shown in BE Magazine

1964 VR1100

1964 VR-1200 - (Color Photo)
Features - Without Doors - Electronics

1964 VR-2000 - VR-2000B

1967 VR-3000
portable, two-inch quad-head VTR built into a suitcase

1971 AVR-1
Color Photo - Internal View
1976 NAB Exhibit

1974 AVR-2 - (Color Photo)

1976 AVR-3 - Internal View
EDM-1 Production Editing System

1970 ACR-25 - (Color Photo)
- 1976 NAB Exhibit

1976 VPR-1 - Console Configuration

1978 VPR-2B

1986 VPR-3

1984 VPR-5 - Portable 1" Helical VTR
(Developed by Ampex & Nagra)

1984 VPR-6

1982 VPR-80

1976 VPR-10 - 1" Helical Portable VTR -
- VPR-10 Catalog Sheet

1978 VPR-20 - 1" Helical Portable VTR -
- VPR-20B - 1981

1990 VPR-300 a D2 machine.
Recorder first announced in 1988
Last unit made in 1994

1967 Ampex HS-100 Disk Recorder and the
HS-200 Console - (1968)

1977 ESS Storage System -
ESS-2 Digital Video Production System



Year Model/Misc. Remarks
1968 Ampex BC-100
Portable Live color Camera
1969 Ampex BC-110
Portable Live color Camera
1969 Ampex BC-210
Live color Camera
1970 Ampex BC-230
Live color Camera
1973 Ampex BC-230B
Live color Camera
1975 Ampex BCC-4
Live color Camera
1975 Ampex BCC-1
Live color Camera
1976 Ampex BCC-3
Live color Camera
1979 Ampex BCC-10
Live color Camera
BCC-10 Brochure - Features - Specs. Sheet
1979 Ampex BCC-14
Live color Camera
1980 Ampex BCC-20
Live color Camera
1982 Ampex BCC-21
Live color Camera
1983 Ampex FPC-10 Portable Camera
Live color Camera
1984 Ampex ARC-10 Portable Camera/Recorder Combination

AMPEX Catalogs


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