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March 2011 Added more pix to Potomac Instruments, Nems-Clarke, Raytheon
March 2011 Among the latest entries, a picture of the classic WGY transmitter building.
March 2011 The 19th Annual Lunch Gathering is scheduled for Noon on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 in Las Vegas ... more info and Pix here!
Late 2010

Some new pictures of transmitters have arrived and we are adding them as we can.

The invitation to share, not only pix, but your comments on specific models, etc, is always open.

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September 2009 Well, the BDR has finally gone live! 

Please check out The Broadcasters' Desktop Resource, www.theBDR.net for technical and management oriented articles for the broadcast industry.

2009 We have found and corrected the URL link to the "support oldradio.com" page. If you wish to help, by all means, please visit www.radio-guide.com/products.htm and check the bottom of the page.
Winter 2008 Some of the city pages have been updated, thanks to Jeff Bottalico. More are coming, as time permits.
Summer 2008 We are re-working the site, bit by bit. Suggestions and assistance are welcome. (Note: some links may go bad - please let us know!)
A number of the equipment pages have been enhanced, especially the RCA 50 kW and Harris 5 kW. Also, there are some additional pages on the clear channel stations. More of the transmitter and console pictures will be appearing. We are also looking for stories ... how you felt about the gear while you were using it. Let us know!
Many folks have enquired about the availability of old manuals, spec sheets, etc. Sometimes they are looking for history, sometimes they want to rebuild an old console or some other piece of gear - and sometimes the HAVE to repair something STILL IN SERVICE! We are building a file resource. Let us know what you need - or what you can share! (scans/pdfs/even the manuals)
The KFI page is up, along with some great stories by Newcomb Weisenberger about his years as a transmitter engineer for the station.
Our listings of the Tucson folks' "Where are they now?" have been expanded.

You can help us: Oldradio.com is essentially a labor of love. Occasionally a kind company supports us in some way. (I hope you will spend a moment to click on their banner and check them out). But mostly we depend on your help. If you have some history, or pictures, please share them with us. 

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