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What are some famous "W" Calls and their meanings?

     Atlanta       WSB   Welcome South Brother

     Boston        WEEI  Edison Electrical Illuminating

     Chicago       WGN   World's Greatest Newspaper

     Chicago       WLS   World's Largest Store

     Davenport     WOC   World of Chiropractic

     Hartford      WTIC  Traveler's Insurance Co.

     Hartford      WHCN  Harford Concert Network

     New York      WMCA  McAlpin Hotel 

     Nashville     WSM   We Shield Millions

     Norfolk       WGH   World's Greatest Harbor

     Rochester     WHAM  (no meaning, just sequential)

     Tampa         WSUN  The Sun ... but slogan: Why Stay Up North?

There are, of course, many more, and I refer you to the continuing file of call letter 
origins: Origins. Maintained by Bob Nelson, this file now contains well over a thousand
call signs and their meanings.  Jump here: Origins