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by Phil Galasso

I have a war story for you: "The Night of the Singing Bird Poop"

From 1985-1988, I worked as a contract engineer for the now-defunct WERA (AM) in Plainfield, NJ. This was a 500-watter on 1590 kc. with a 3-tower in-line array and a downtown studio located some three miles away from the transmitter site. One summer evening in 1987, I received a panic call from the disc jockey...a thunderstorm had rolled through and knocked the station off the air. While en route to the transmitter site, I heard the transmitter come back up, but I stopped in to check on things anyway. 

Apparently, the transmitter site had lost power momentarily, causing the relays in the old RCA BTA-1R to drop out, and
the DJ forgot how to reset the transmitter. At the site, I noticed that the phase and base current readings were way out of tolerance. After checking the phasor, I took a walk to the towers. Tower #1 was OK. 

When I got near the doghouse for Tower #2 (the reference tower), I could clearly hear the station's programming. It was not the normal "singing" of vacuum capacitors in the ATU. The music got louder as I approached the tower base. A clump of wet bird droppings had gotten across the horn gap, causing a singing arc. Brandishing a dry broom, I removed the bird poop and the readings returned to normal. 

In 28 years in the broadcasting field, this has got to be my weirdest experience.

Phil Galasso
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