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8/24/01 - The station, actually located in the suburb of Riverdale, has now been
rebuilt as a four tower facility, and returned to "normal" operation.

A picture of the rebuilt facility is available here.

Pictures of the WNWI 1080 tower that fell

Oak Lawn (Chicago), IL July 9, 2000

These photos are courtesy of Ed Trombley, 
consulting engineer for WNWI 1080

Ed reports: WNWI was a 4 tower in line. Its now a wide spaced 2 tower! Shortly after midnight / early Sunday morning someone put forth a lot of effort to hacksaw, by hand, a 1-1/4 inch guy anchor rod on tower number 3. They started on tower 4 but gave up because they couldn't get enough stroke with the saw. Forgot to bring a shovel to clear back the dirt. When number 3 fell it took out the guy wires on number 2. I think the towers were Rohn 55's just under 200 feet. Can't say too much more until the police get done doing some investigating. The perpetrator left some evidence.