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Tucson, Arizona is my home. I've been in this market for many years, along with some time in Flagstaff,  Phoenix, Denver and Los Angeles.

Tucson may not be a top 20 (or even top 50) market, but there is a lot of history here ... and memories for many folks who passed through on the way to the "Big Time." We invite you to visit, enjoy, even share some history with us.

Some famous slogans from Tucson's Radio History:

(Do you remember some more? Let us know!)


KAIR  (1490)

  • Drive with KAIR ... everywhere.

KCEE (790)

  • 790 Mighty KCEE



KFIF  (1550)

  • 155 - KFIF - Where Hits Happen

KHOS (940)

  • KHOS - 94

KIKX (580)

  • KIKX-58

  • Get your KIKX in '76

KHYT  (1330)

  • Lucky 13 - KHYT

KKLD (94.9)

  • Cloud 95

KLPX (96.1)

  • Rock

KMGX  (940)

  • Magic 94

KMXZ (94.9)

  • Mix-94.9

KOLD (1450)

  • It's KOLD in Tucson

KOPO  (1450)


KTKT  (990)

  • Color Radio 99

  • TKT    (Who stole the K?)







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