KFRC's 'Happy Go Lucky Hour'
with Al and Cal Pearce

 Happy Go Lucky Hour

The "Happy Go Lucky Hour" was one of KFRC's most popular programs between 1929 and 1933. The show later moved to NBC and became "Al Pearce and His Gang". Shown here is the large and talented KFRC cast:

Standing (left to right): Al Pearce, Edna O'Keefe, Cal Pearce, Jean Clarnioux, Norman Neilsen, Hazel Warner, Abe Bloom, Monroe Upton (in the character of Lord Bilgewater), and Harry "Mac" McClintock. Seated: Tommy Harris, Charles Carter, Edna Fisher, and Cecil Wright.

(Photo provided by Rich Kolm, from the files of his late father, Lee Kolm.)

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