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Philadelphia, PA is the 6th radio market in the US. It is home to several radio pioneers. Some are well known, like KYW and WIP. Others have had less publicity, but have also contributed to the industry. We invite you to visit, enjoy, even share some history with us.

Philadelphia - March 1922:


833 WFI   Variety Strawbridge and Clothier
833 WGL   Variety Thomas Howlett
833 WIP   Variety Gimbel Brothers
833 WOO   Variety John Wannamaker


Philadelphia 2003:


560 WFIL 5 kW Salem
610 WIP 5 kW Infinity
950 WPEN 50 kW Greater Media
1060 KYW 50 kW Infinity  
1210 WPHT 50lkW Infinity
1340 WHAT 1 kW Inner City
1480 WDAS 5/1 kW Clear Channel


Pioneer Bio: Kae Williams