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Miama is radio market # in the US. Deep "in the heart of hurricane country" Share some of your Miami knowledge with us!

Miami Radio


560 WQAM 5/1 kW 1 Sports Beasley
610 WIOD Miami 5 kW 2D 2N News/talk Clear Channel
640 WMEN Royal Palm Beach 7.5/.46 kW 2D 2N Talk James Crystal
670 WWFE Miami 50/1 kW 3D 6N Spanish Fenix
710 WAQI Miami 50 kW 3D 6N Spanish Univision
790 WAXY S. Miami 5 kW 3D 4N Sports Lincoln Financial
850 WFTL W. Palm Beach 50/24 kW 6D 6N News/talk James Crystal
880 WZAB Sweetwater 4/5 kW 4D 8N Business Florida City
940 WINZ Miami 50/10 kW 1D 6N Sports Clear Channel
990 WMYM Miami 5 kW 6D 6N Children's Disney/ABC
1020 WURN Kendal 8.9/.98 kW 6D 6N Ethnic New World
1040 WLVJ Boyton Beach 25/1.1 kW 4D 3N Religious  
1080 WHIM Coral Gables 50/10 kW 6D 6N Religious Salem
1140 WQBA Miami 50/10 kW 3D 5N SP Talk Univision
1170 WAVS Davie 5/.25 kW 1D 2N Carribean Alliances
1210 WNMA Miami Springs 47/2.5 kW 3D 3N Spanish Multicultural
1260 WSUA Miami 50/20 kW 5D 6N SP News/talk Grupo Latino
1320 WLQY Hollywood 5 kW 2D 4N Ethnic Entravision
1360 WKAT N. Miami 5/1 kW 1 Talk Salem
1430 WOIR Homestead 5/.5 kW 1D 2N SP News/talk Amancer
1470 WWNN Pompano Beach 50/2.5 kW 4D 6N Health Beasley
1550 WRCH Coral Gables 10/.5 kW 4D 3N Spanish WRCH
1580 WSRF Ft. Lauderdale 10/5 kW 4D 6N Carribean Niche



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