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Los Angeles, California has always been a unique market. As the #2 market in the country, and a radio dial filled with signals from top to bottom, LA Radio has been a "starting point" for many hits and trends. With the proximity of the movie studios, LA Television has had access to more talent than most other markets combined. With such resources, creativity has been a hallmark of the market.

The history of broadcasting in Los Angeles is filled with interesting stories, from car dealers to religious figures.  We invite you to visit, enjoy, even share some history with us.

Station histories: click on call letters below
The History of the Mt. Wilson tower site - Marvin Collins
LA Pioneers page
Newcomb Weisenberger remembers KFI
KRLA page - pictures, history
One of the last (perhaps the last) horizontal antenna used for broadcasting in the US ... 1230 KYPA
  KTNQ ... Towers inside buildings.

Radio Dialing (1921 - 1938 - Current)

Los Angeles AM Radio - 1921:

Los Angeles AM Radio - 1938:



between the years: KRLA (1110) 1941-2000

The KFI Story

Diplexed in a warehouse: KTNQ/KEIB

  Los Angeles AM Radio - 2008:

kHz calls/locality power watts #towers Mode Format Notes
570 KLAC Los Angeles 5000 1D 2N DA-N Sports Clear Channel Lakers
640 KFI Los Angeles 50000 1 NDA News/talk Clear Channel
670 KIRN Simi Valley 5000 D 3000 N 3 DA-1 Ethnic Lotus CP to increase power expired
710 KSPN Los Angeles 50000 D 10000 N 1D 3N DA-N Sports Disney/ABC  The original  KMPC. 
Clippers, USC
740 KBRT Avalon 10000 D 113 N 3D 3N DA-2 Religious Kiertron
790 KABC Los Angeles 5000 1D 2N DA-N News/talk Citadel Dodgers (starting 2008)
830 KLAA Orange 50000 D 20000 N 1D 3N DA-N Talk LA Angels was KMXE,KPLS, Angels(2008) Ducks
870 KRLA Glendale 50000 D 3000 N 3D 3N DA-2 News/talk Salem Was KIEV. App for 37Kw N
930 KHJ Los Angeles 5000 1D 2N DA-N religious Catholic Church Previous home of "Boss radio"  Dodgers(2008)
980 KFWB Los Angeles 5000 1 NDA News  CBS
1020 KTNQ Los Angeles 50000 5D 4N DA-2 Spanish Univision Buildings built around towers
1070 KNX Los Angeles 50000 1 NDA News CBS Class A  
1110 KDIS Pasadena 50000 D 20000 N 2D 4N DA-2 Children's Disney/ABC The original KRLA (KXLA)
1150 KEIB Los Angeles 50000 D 44000 N 5D 5N DA-2 Talk Clear Channel Diplexed with KTNQ
1190 KXMX Orange 20000 D 1300 N 4D 4N DA-2 Ethnic Salem
1260 KGIL Beverly Hills 20000 D 7500 N 4D 4N DA-2 News/talkDNostalgiaN Mount Wilson Was KKGO.KSUR
1300 KAZN Pasadena 5000 D 1000N 3D 3N DA-2 Asian Multicultural
CP 23000 D 1000N 6D 3N DA-2
1330 KWKW Los Angeles 5000 1D 2N DA-N Spanish Sports Lotus Lakers, Angels(2008)
1370 KWRM Corona 5000 D 2500 N 5D 3N DA-2 Ethnic
1390 KLTX Long Beach 5000 D 3600 N 3D 2N DA-2 Spanish Religious Nueva Vida
1430 KMRB San Gabriel 5000 2D 3N DA-2 Cantonese Multicultural
CP 50000 D 9800 N 4D 4N DA-2
1460 KTYM Inglewood 5000 D 500 N 2D 2N DA-2 Urban Gospel Pittman
1480 KVNR Santa Ana 5000 3D 4N DA-2 Vietnamese
1510 KSPA Ontario 10000 D 1000 N 3D 4N DA-2 Standards Astor 2 Apps to increase power
1540 KMPC Los Angeles 50000 D 37000 N 6D 6N DA-2 Korean P and Y Was KZLA,KSKQ,KSCD
1580 KBLA Santa Monica 50000 4D 6N DA-2 Spanish Multicultural Was KDAY
1600 KAHZ Pomona 5000 1D 2N DA-N Ethnic Multicultural App for 20kw D 10kw N
1650 KFOX Torrance 10000 D 490 N 1 NDA Asian HK Media
1670 KHPY Moreno Valley 10000 D 9000 N 3D 3N DA-2 Van Voorhis




88.1 KKJZ Long Beach
88.5 KCSN Los Angeles
88.9 KXLU Los Angeles
88.9 KUCI Irvine
89.9 KCRW Santa Monica
90.7 KPFK Los Angeles
91.5 KUSC Los Angeles
92.3 KHHT Los Angeles Clear Channel
93.1  KCBS Los Angeles Infinity
93.5  KDAY Redondo Beach
93.9 KZLA Los Angeles Emmis
94.3 KBUA San Fernando Lbi Radio
94.7 KTWV Los Angeles Infinity
95.5  KLOS Los Angeles
95.9 KFSH Anahiem
96.3 KXOL Los Angeles
96.7 KWIZ Santa Ana Lbi Radio
97.1 KLSX Los Angeles Infinity
97.5 KLYY Riverside Entravision
97.9 KLAX East Los Angeles
98.3 KRCV West Covina
98.7 KYSR Los Angeles
99.5 KKLA Los Angeles
100.3 KKBT Los Angeles
101.1 KRTH Los Angeles Infinity
101.9 KSCA Glendale Univision
102.3 KJLH Compton
102.7 KIIS Los Angeles Clear Channel
103.1 KDLD Santa Monica Entravision
103.5 KOST Los Angeles Clear Channel
103.9 KRCD Inglewood Univision
104.3 KBIG Los Angeles Clear Channel
105.1 KMZT Los Angeles
105.5 KBUE Long Beach Lbi Radio
105.9 KPWR Los Angeles Emmis
106.3 KALI Santa Ana
106.7 KROQ Pasadena Infinity
107.1 KSSE Arcadia Entravision
107.5 KLVE Los Angeles
107.9 KWVE San Clemente

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