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A Pictorial Tour of WMVP

WMVP is a 50,000 watt DA-2 in Chicago, with an interesting history. Originally built as WCFL by the Chicago Federation of Labor (CFL), this station on 1000 in Chicago has a very highly directional, super-cardiod pattern at night.  The station changed to WLUP in 1987 and since late 1993 has been WMVP with a sports orientation. WMVP is owned by Disney/ABC.

The three towers of WMVP were recently taken down and rebuilt in 2005/2006. During this time, WMVP was diplexed during the daytime hours with sister-station WLS.

Here are some images and recollections from the folks who worked at WMVP.

The WCFL logo is still on the transmitter building in suburban Chicago.
The RCA BTA-50F that powered WCFL for many years. 
Amazingly, to get into the transmitter, you just open the front door and walk in!
Continental Electronics 317C
These towers, pictured in mid-2005 were replaced due to age. The original transmitter building is shown next to the towers, the later building is at the lower right.
The construction of the tower is interesting in the way the bracing was made. 
The eastern tower is different from the other two.

WMVP's DX-50 Main Transmitter