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WOWO - Station Tour
by Barry Mishkind




WOWO, Fort Wayne, IN, was licensed to Main Auto Supply in Fort Wayne on March 31, 1925. The date of the first broadcast was April X, 1925.

After sharing with WWVA for many years, WOWO became the dominant station on 1190, increasing to 50 kW in 1954, and dominating the east coast at night.

The WOWO site in Roanoke, IN, to the SW of Fort Wayne, IN

WOWO's Westinghouse HG-50, 50 kW transmitter, installed in 1954.

The WOWO nighttime coverage pattern. 

That is, the historic WOWO pattern.  Today, WOWO covers only a small portion of this area.

Sadly, the station, now reduced to Class B status (at least it was not taken silent, as the original plan was said to be). In 1995, Inner Cities Broadcasting purchased WOWO so they could change the power and pattern in favor of their New York City station, WLIB

Now at 9.8 kW at night, WOWO is mainly a N/S signal in Indiana.