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WOKV - Station Tour

WOKV was once known as WAPE.  This "flamethrower" was built on a "homebrew" 50 kW transmitter, made by Cyril Brennan and Billy Benns. The "Mighty 690" was dominant along the southeast for many years.

WOKV began as WAPE. originally licensed 5/27/59 at 690 kHz at 25 kW, daytime only. Night operation was added in 1964.


The original WAPE site on Westover Road. The night site at Baldwin, FL held six towers.

This was the classic transmitter, built in 1959 and upgraded to 50 kW in 1964..

In an attempt to protect their true identities, it was decreed that all WAPE air talent had to wear a disguise while at work.

The water pond for the transmitter was actually was a pool that was constructed to go under the wall and into the station lobby
The Ape and friend wave to folks from the pool site.

My thanks to Wayne Woolard for sharing his pictures of his WAPE days.  There is a schematic of the transmitter ... but it needs some "stitching."