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KGO - Station Tour
by Barry Mishkind

KGO, San Francisco, CA

Burning up the dial at 810, all over the west, KGO's transmitter site is at the southeast shore of San Franciso Bay. Curiously, the towers are only 90 electrical degrees (300'), the shortest of any of the US Class A stations. A salt-water path to San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland (the station's original COL) mitigates the short towers somewhat.


As you can see, it is a fairly wet site. Even getting in the gate requires some agility, as demonstrated by CE Art Lebermann


KGO runs three Nautel 50 kW Solid-State transmitters. Recently the "third back-up" was replaced by a new XR-50, which is the new Main Transmitter. 



In the center (above) is the phasor