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KFBK is the 50 kW flamethrower on 1530 in Sacramento, California.  The station traces its history from the McClatchy family media companies. 

The First Broadcast License was issued: February 2, 1922 (or 2/22/22) (FCC microfiche: August 16, 1922)

KFBK seems to derive from KVQ, which under the sensibilities of 1922, shut down after listener complaints about interference. The gear seems to have been sold to the Kimball-Upson Music Store and the Sacramento Union Newspaper.  Later the Kimball Upson sold out to the Sacramento Bee (McClatchy). Oddly enough, there is another report in 1925 that KFBK shut down again after listener complaints....

In 1941, the station moved to 1530 and in 1948 jumped to 50 kW. 

KFBK is the only station "officially" (according to the FCC) using the Franklin style antenna - two 180 degree towers stacked vertically. (Other stations have similar towers of height close to 180 degrees stacked, etc, but only KFBK has the FCC "stamp" as a Franklin)

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