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A Pictorial Tour of WISN

WISN .. "WIsconSiN" has a long history as a key local station, going all the way back to 1921 as the Milwaukee School of Engineering's 9YAD, WIAO, WSOE, and since 1928, WISN

WISN uses 9 towers. Six are used daytime, all nine at night. The power is virtually all going north at about 10 degrees true.
The Main transmitter is a 3DX50 "Destiny" from Harris.

The Nautel Ampfet 50 is serving as the auxiliary transmitter
The control panel for all this is almost like a spaceship control room.

You can almost hear it, "All head, warp 2, Scotty!"

A close-up of the night time control panel. The toggles control the motors in the phasor. The lamps indicate the direction of change.

Kent Winrich inside the WISN phasor.

Notice the grey/blue cylinders next to the coils and variable vacuum capacitors.

The motors are used to "crank" the phasor 
when there is a need to adjust the system. 

The antenna monitor was actually built to handle 12 towers. Fortunately for the engineers at WISN, only 9 are currently needed.
The power is sent to the towers via hardwire coax sections.

The antenna system uses a counterpoise for the grounding.