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ABC debuted in 1943.

After the FCC began in 1937 to devise a way to separate NBC's two networks, RCA sold NBC-Blue to Edwad Noble (Lifesavers) for $8 million. In 1945 The Blue Network, Inc, bought the name "American Broadcasting Company" from George Storer.

ABC merged with Paramount Theaters February 12, 1953.
ABC was merged into Capital Cities in 1986.
ABC was merged into Disney in 1994.

The ABC "Circle" Logo was adopted in 1962 to replace the "A" logo used previously. Today the old "A" logo is used by all ABC owned and operated TV stations.


On January 1, 1968, ABC split its operations among four "networks": ABC - Information, ABC - Entertainment, ABC - Contemporary, and ABC-FM.

  • ABC-I ran at the top of the hour
  • ABC-F ran at :15 past the hour.
  • ABC-E ran at the bottom of the hour
  • ABC-C ran at 55 past the hour

Paul Harvey was moved to ABC-E.


Interesting milestones in the ABC timeline:

1942: The NBC Blue network was reincorporated as The Blue Network Inc. by RCA in anticipation of its being spun off under FCC orders.

1943: The Blue Network Inc. was purchased by Edward Noble, of Lifesavers fame, in 1943 for about $8 million. He bought the rights to the name American Broadcasting Company in 1945 from George Storer.

2/12/53: merged with United Paramount Theatres Inc. (spun off from Paramount Pictures Corporation in 1950) after a 20 month set of FCC hearings which, combined with the Paramount Pictures/Dumont Network issues, determined the future of television for 30 years.

1962: United Paramount-American Broadcasting Company, Inc. changed its name to American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. and adopted the now-famous circle logo.

1986: Acquired by Capital Cities Communications becoming Capital Cities/ABC Inc.

1996: Acquired by The Walt Disney Company.