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Czech Broadcasting:

  • History
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Czech Broadcast History:

Regular broadcasting started in Czechoslovakia on May 18, 1923, in Prague. It was supported by a vibrant manufacturing community which produced a wide variety of radios.

During the Cold War, Czech radio was one of those using the 66-73 MHz band, presumably to prevent listening to "Western" broadcasts. More modern receivers were built to handle both 66-73 and 88-108 MHz.

FM Stereo began in 1967, again using a method that was different than that used in the West.

According to Martin Hajek, when color television was introduced in the late 1960s, the studios were using the PAL TV system, but at the transmitter it was converted to SECAM, as the only receivers permitted were SECAM. Later models, as with FM, had dual decoders. SECAM was discontinued in Czechoslovakia in 1990.

A brief history of Czechoslovakian radio and some nice pictures of Czech receivers can be found here on Martin Hajek's page.