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Cuban Broadcasting:

  • History
  • Regulation
  • Station Identifications

Cuban Broadcast History:

The first broadcast station in Cuba was PWX, October 10, 1922 when AT&T's affiliate Cuban Telephone Company inaugurated a station in Havana. It was on 750 kHz at 500 W.

This station was the sister to WBAY in New York City. (A third AT&T station was to be built in Puerto Rico.)

In 1959, when Fidel Castro took power, all broadcast facilities were nationalized. Over the years, Cuba has occasionally used high power transmitters to interfere with US broadcasters, resulting in some power increases granted to US broadcasters (including one case where nighttime only operation on FM was granted to one station).

Television was inaugurated in October 1950.

Additional history on Cuban radio.


Early regulation of broadcasting was under the ...

The current regulatory body is by the Ministry of ...

Station Identification:

In the early days, PWX was used for the initial station. The Call Letter blocks CLA-CMZ and COA-COZ were later used.

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