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Western Electric Company, Inc.
New York, N.Y.

Western Electric was a part of the AT&T (Bell) system. It manufactured broadcast equipment until the mid-1950s, when it was an anti-trust settlement limited Bell to telephone business only. Apparently, the decision was made not to sell the broadcast division, but simply close it. (Some audio aspects were spun to Westrex and Altec) There was a Canadian arm of the company, called Northern Electric (which has since morphed into Nortel), that manufactured many of the same items, but with an NE nameplate.

(If anyone knows of a parts source, or catalog ... any anything in print that would help fill out this page for WE Co, please let me know. Even a better picture of the logo would help.)


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  5-D - Speech Input System

705A Speech Input Bay - 1938

22B/22C  4 pot remote mixer

(the B/C difference is in the VI meters.)

22D "portable" remote console
Burt Weiner's model

23A/23B  5 pot studio console - July 1936

The A/B difference is in control arrangement.

23C 5 pot studio console

25A  7 pot studio console

25B/40A  7 pot console; "Tops for FM"!
  26B WDAE, Tampa (1950's)

Northern Electric models

5420E  On display at the SPARC Museum near Vancouver, BC.

Altec Models


230B Shown in use at
WCCY, Houghton, MI in 1979.
Another Studio shot

250SU - 10 Pot dual mono console


Audio Processing

  1126-A Limiter - 1939
  1126-C Limiter