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Sacramento, CA

Sparta Electronics began operation in  xxxx.  Founded by Bill Overhauser to manufacture the Spot-O-Matic cart machine he designed, using a Viking deck and some foil sensor heads. The machine was renamed Sparta-Matic.  Overhauser sold Sparta in 1967 to CETEC (Computer Equipment Technology Corp.), although he stayed on as GM until 1976. The company expanded to other audio products, from consoles to transmitters.

Eventually, it combined with Bauer, Schaefer and Cetec to become Cetec/Sparta.

See the Bauer page for more information.

AM Transmitters

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700 / 720B - 10 and 50 W

701B - 1 kW
SS1000 - 1 kW  Solid State

703B - 3 kW

705 / 710 - 5 and 10 kW

715 / 725 - 12.5 and 25 kW