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Ramko Research

Rancho Cordova, California

Ramko Research was found by Ramon (Ray) Kohfeld in 19xx. 

Ramko produced consoles, cartridge machines, turntable pre-amps, distribution amplifiers, and other gear. 

One of the "famous" features of the consoles were the solid-state On/Off switches which were operated when touched by the operator. (Johnny Bridges notes: "he had opamps running at screaming high gain (without feedback at all) and simply hooked the touchpad to one input and a small bias to the other. Touching the pad induced enough hum into the opamp to overcome the bias, so its output changed polarity ... Cheeeep and effective ... We told the jocks to lick their fingers before they turned it on. They didn't like static smacks at all. Kohfeld was also enamored of 4016 CMOS switches, the board was full of them. He was an innovative guy, I wish some of his designs had been further developed.") This had interesting effects especially in dry areas, coupled with dry-handed operators.

Kohfeld died in 1999, and the company's assets were sold to RDL in 2000.



Five pot rackmount console


An eight pot stereo console.



SP-8E phono preamp