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Orban was started in 1968. Bob Orban founded the company to develop the Optimod - based on an idea to combine audio processing, stereo pilot generation, and level limiting - because he wasn't happy with the sound of albums being heard on the "new" stereo FM stations of the time. 

The first major unit, the 8000 prototype was shown at the 1975 NAB. Orban designed the patented circuit and system design, with some collaboration with other engineers, including Eric Small.

Over the years, Orban has accumulated 24 patents. He was joined in xxxx by Greg Ogonowski, the force behind Gregg Labs processors in 1970s and 1980s.

In 1989 Orban was purchased by AKG Acoustics. 
In 1994, Harman International bought AKG. 
In 2000, CRL purchased Orban.

Audio Processors

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222A Spatial Enhancer
Overload Protection System
1972    Bob Orban explains
Optimod 2200
   Optimod 2300 (2004)
   Optimod-DAB 6200 (1999)
Optimod 8000 (1975)
Thanks to Dean Tiernan for the picture of the prototype!
         Optimod 8100A (1980)
Optimod 8100A/XT (1984)
Optimod 8200 (1991)
   Optimod 8300 (2003)
Optimod 8400 (2000)
Digital Version -2002
  Optimod 9000 (1978)
   Optimod 9100A (1982)

Optimod 9100B2

Aaron White - KFAN

  Optimod-PC   (2003)
  Opticodec (2001)