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Non-US Transmitter Manufacturers

For a number of reasons, including shipping and support costs, documentation, and meeting FCC Rules, US broadcasters have largely relied on transmitters built in the US and Canada.

While there are many high quality manufacturers around the world, being able to call an English-speaking tech support person - especially in the middle of the night - or getting parts, etc during normal business hours is difficult when you are a ocean, continent, or a bunch of time zones away.

Here is some information on some of the less well-known (in the US) international manufacturers who are - or have been - active in AM, FM, and possibly TV transmitter manufacturing (There are others who specialize in LW, SW, TV, etc, but we will confine this list mostly to broadcast.) Not all have working product on the air in the US. Know the history of these companies? Know a company that should be on the list? Let us know! Thanks.. 


If you have pix, please share!

DB Elettronica
Padova, Italy
Ecreso - France
Elenos - Italy
Milan, Italy

Tokyo, Japan

Zaragoza, Spain

Rodhe & Schwarz
Munich, Germany

In addition to transmitters, R&S makes top level test gear.

In 1949, Rohde &Schwartz built the first FM transmitter for regular us in Europe (250 Watts).

Zagreb, Croatia

R.V.R.  Elettronica
Bologna, Italy

Alcester, England

Thompson - France
Transradio SenderSysteme
Berlin, Germany