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Nautel Limited
10089 Peggy's Cove Road
Hackett's Cove
Nova Scotia, Canada B3Z 3J4
Phone: (902) 823-2233

The first transmitters by NAUTEL (Nautical Electronics) were delivered in 1970; they were 500 W radio beacons operating in the 190-535 kHz Aeronautical/Marine Navigation band. Many of these are still in service. 

The first solid-state Broadcast AM transmitters were delivered in 1974. Essentially beacons modified for AM, some of the early broadcast transmitters were sold to Parks Canada to provide in park radio information broadcasts. The first systems were not class D.

The first commercially successful Broadcast AM transmitter was the Ampfet 10, delivered in 1982, closely followed by the Ampfet 5, and the Ampfet 1 in 1983. The first 50 kW solid-state transmitter was delivered in 1985. 


AM Transmitters

NTB-200 - 50 W (1973) 
Designed for CBC North
2 - 2 kW (1974) 
FET-less Solid State units built for New Zealand  (

one of them at the
Eureka transmitter site serving Hamilton city. The other was installed
at Queenstown. They ran 32 linear power amplifiers and required 8kW
input for 2kW RF output.)

P Series - 50 and 400 W (1984)  

Ampfet Series
1 k W to 50 kW  (1982)


ND Series
1 k W to 50 kW (1988) 

NA Series
100 k W to 400 kW (1995)
(NA= "Nautel Agile") 

XL Series
12 k W to 60 kW (1996) 
(XL = "Excel")

J Series 1 kW (2004)
(J = "Jazz")

XR Series
3 kW to 50 kW (2005) 
NX Series 
25 k W to 300 kW (2008) 


FM Transmitters

FM Series
4 kW to 20 kW  (1992)



Q Series
10 k W to 40 kW (2002)
(Q= "Quantum")



V Series
1 k W to 40 kW (2004) 
(V= "Virtuoso"


NV Series
3.5 k W to 80 kW (2008)
(NV= "New V") 



VS Series
300 W to 2.5 kW (2010)
(VS= "Very Small")


Exciters Transmitters

(M= "Maestro")


(NE= "New Exciter")

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