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Omaha, NE

Ray McMartin headed an interesting company.  McMartin's company had a history of "re-starts" and production of a lot of low-cost equipment, including SCA generators and receivers.

McMartin Industries Inc. was founded as Continental Manufacturing Inc. in 1956, initially as a manufacturer of consumer electronics products. Continental Manufacturing made “controla-tone” remote TV volume controls and the “Harmony” line of radio intercom systems. Starting out after business school in the late 1950's, McMartin bought "Harmony Electronics" in Omaha - manufacturers of small solid state amplifiers and speakers (one product was a "pillow speaker"). Leonard Hedlund was hired to design multiplex (SCA) receivers.

In 1962, the corporate name was changed to McMartin Industries Inc. The first products sold under the McMartin name were FM receivers designed to pick up SCA signals. The TBM-4500 and 4500A modulation monitors were introduced in 1968. Starting in the late 1960's, after an OEM contract to build consoles for Visual Electronics failed, McMartin began selling consoles and transmitters under his name, many of them designed by Charlie Goodrich, Richard Johnson, some with help from Juan Gregorio (x-Sparta).

Ray operated till the early ’80s when a bank took over and liquidated the company. By 1979, things were tightening up as interest rates soared and Ray had a difficult time paying back his loans, so the last 3–4 years were a struggle.

After McMartin Industries Inc. failed, Ray started McMartin International in Gunnison, Colo., which lasted only approximately a year. Jerry Martin and John Miller re-launched the company as McMartin Inc. in 1983, operating in Council Bluffs, Iowa, but that closed in 1985.

AM Transmitters

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BA-1K 1971 

Used a solid-state exciter and 4-500 tubes (later converted to 4-400s).

  BA-250/500 - 1972

BA 2.5K  2500W - 1974
BA 5K  5 kW

Consists of dual 2.5 kW transmitters

BA 10K  10 kW

BA 50K  50 kW

Richard Johnson design. Only three were built. They were said to still be on the air, in South America, in 2008.

"One of these went to Portugal and one to Brazil. The transmitter that went to Brazil was previously operated by Morris Blum at WANN, Annapolis, Md"

FM Transmitters

  A tube exciter
  B-910 1973

BFM-15   15 W Exciter

Solid State

  BFM-8000 Exciter - 1980
  B-9100T 100 W 

BF-1K   250 to 1500W -1973

BF-3.5K    3.5 kW - 1974

BF-5K        5 kW - 1976

BF-10K     10 kW - 1976

BF-25K  25 kW  1976
KPLU, Tacoma
  BF-100 100 W - 1979
(also BF-950, 50 W)
  BF-30K 30 kW  1980
Only one unit produced.

Misc Items


RF Amplifier
  TBM- 4500  - 1968

Modulation Monitor

  TBM- 4500A  - 1968

Modulation Monitor

RPU Transmitter