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Omaha, NE

Ray McMartin headed an interesting company. His company had a history of "re-starts" and production of a lot of low-cost equipment, including SCA generators and receivers.

Parts and service currently are available via
Goodrich Enterprises, Omaha, NE. (402-493-1886); Charles Goodrich was the Factory Production Manager for many years.

Studio Gear


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B-801 8 pot mono console - 1968
B-802 8 pot stereo console 
B-803 8 pot dual mono console  
B-501 5 pot mono console - 1969
B-502 5 pot stereo console 
B-503 5 pot dual mono console  
   1000 series Dual Mono or Stereo Console


Audio Proc and Stereo Genset

Accu-Five Portable and Rackable


EBS Receiver that was at a "million" stations.
McMartin was at one time the largest provider of 'mid-priced' SCA equipment.
McMartin supplied a general line of amplifiers from 10 through 300 watts.
Remote Pickup Equipment was another popular item for remote broadcasting

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