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360 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago 1, IL

Magnecorder was founded in 1946, by five men, including John Boyer. It was one of the first recorders many folks used - along with Ampex and Brush Soundmirror..

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PT6-A  Tape Transport - 1949
PT6-J  Audio/Record Amplifier - 1949

Designed at microphone input level

The PT6 series was first, with a number of variations in models. For example, there was the PT6-AH with high speed winding, the PT6-H rack mount adapter, the PT6-R Line Level Amplifier and Adaptor Panel, an "X" version with no case, and more,
  M30/M33 MagneCordette - 1952
  S-36B - 1956 

  P63 Pro Deck - 1956



1024 - 1964