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Richard Crompton  started LPB (Low Power Broadcast Co.) in 1960 to provide equipment for small stations, often on college campuses where carrier current transmitters were often found.

Low power transmitters  were found from Disney World to the Citroen Tunnel in Paris. The gear was relatively inexpensive, but rugged. Crompton pioneers using power splitting ferrite core transformers to improve coupling energy into power lines.

In the 1970s, LPB assisted in the design and installation of the first Traveler's Information System (TIS) transmitters, consoles, Part 73 AM transmitters, localized transmission systems for amusement parks, multi-language, hearing impaired, and other uses. In 1988 Edward Devecka purchased LPB, selling it to Tom Spadea in 1998.

LPB acquired Systemation in 1994, Fidelipac in 2000, and Omnitronix in 2001. Unfortunately, in the end, the  company failed largely due to do with poor management that was apparently stripping cash and assets for personal desires, and it closed sometime in 2008. The console business was sold to Dave Strode, who operates as Sandies. The remaining parts and documentation largely disappeared after closure.

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Low Power Transmitters

   TIS - Part 90 transmitters
AM-2000 - 100 mW
  Omnitronix series


  Signature I
Signature II
five and eight pots
Signature III
  custom quad
built for RCA by LPB - later
used in TV Show Northern Exposure
Citation II

Blue 5c - 1990
Dynamax MXA-5/5/6
  Dynamax MX6R/L
  Dynamax MX8R/L/E
  Dynamax MX10RW/LW/E
  Dynamax MX10RW/LW
  Dynamax MX12RW/LW/RW
Dynamax MX14/16/18EW



Console "S" series - Signature