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Gregg Labs

Greg Ogonowski grew up Detroit, in the shadow of great radio stations like CKLW. His career then took him to Los Angeles, where he worked for KEZY, Anaheim, CA.

Finding that no station in LA had the "sound" that made CKLW stand out in his hometown market, Ogonowski decided to build his own processor.  The 2540, a five-band AM processor, instantly got the attention of the engineering community for its smooth sound, especially on the low end, where many processors simply got "muddy" when doing more than minimal processing.

Underfinanced due to an excursion into console construction, Gregg Labs closed in 1982. Ogonowski took the left-over parts and built the model 2550 FM processors.


Audio Processors

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  2350 - 1976
  2510/2520  - 1978

2530 -1979

2540 - 1980
  2550 - 1984