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GEL (General Electronic Laboratories)

Cambridge, MA

GEL was founded by    in 1950. The basis for the original business was medical products. Growing out of defense contracts, broadcast transmitters came to be a product line until approximately 1972.

In May 1961, GEL purchased Rust Remote Control Systems. In 1967, GEL was purchased by US Parisi Associates. It continued making transmitters into the early 1970s.

Stations using GEL transmitters were located in Detroit, Phoenix, Columbus, NE, Poland Spring, ME, and Winter Haven, FL, among others.

My thanks especially to Frank Berry and Jack Sellmeyer for adding info on this early transmitter maker. Can you help fill in any of the blanks?


FM transmitters:

Somewhat unique, metering for the 15 kW transmitter was at waist level. The IPA was designed with the ability to feed the PA output coax by simply disconnecting the "N" connector from the input to the PA and connecting it to the transmitter's output coax through an adapter.  The IPA was actually a stand-alone transmitter.


250 Watts


1 kW

5 kW
  10 kW
15 kW

approx 39 made

Rust Models: