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Federal Telephone and Radio Corp.
Newark, N. J


Federal Telephone and Radio Corp began early in the last century as Federal Telegraph in Palo Alto, CA.. The company was listed as being in Buffalo, NY, where products such as the Federal Jr. crystal radio were built by Federal Telephone & Telegraph. (The patent dates listed on the radio range from Jan. 21, 1906 to Jan 23, 1917.) Another name change brought Federal Television & Radio Corp.

Later Federal became an ITT subsidiary in the early-1940s, dropping the "Telegraph" and adding "Radio" to its name.  It moved to Newark in 19xx, then to Clifton, NJ in 19xx. Finally, in the mid-1950s, it was merged into the newly renamed ITT Telecommunications.

AM Transmitters:

  165-A, 5,000-Watt  (1942)
  196-A, 5,000-Watt
  162-A, 50,000-Watt
  163-A, 50,000-Watt

197-A, 50,000 W
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
- 1953

Thanls: Marcos Antoinio

WCBS in NYC had one of the 50 kW units (model?)


 FM transmitters:

FTR-1 -  1 kW  late 1950s.
This transmitter could be made to run 3 kW with a tube change.
  191A 1 kw 

3 kW
  192A 3 kw


  193A 10 kw
  199A 20 kw 
  194A 50 kw 




101C - Field Intensity Meter

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