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Over years, BE has produced many products for the studio. One of the earliest was the Spotmaster series of cart machines, later enhanced and improved as BE offerings, including the only stereo cart machine with a built-in phase monitor. 





Cart Machines

Spotmaster 400A recorder 


Spotmaster 405 reproducer - The first of the famous ones with the "hand crank" to bring the pressure roller up for use. The case on this one is made of wood!

Spotmaster 500A recorder


Spotmaster 500B  recorder

1963 - $695 - to switch from record to play you had to rotate the knob on the lower right.


Spotmaster 505B playback 

1963 - $545

Spotmaster 500C  recorder

The record switch was replaced with a button.

Spotmaster 500D  recorder

Spotmaster 500AR Rack mount

Spotmaster 10-70





5500C five stack

Approximately $5000 in 1988 

PhaseTrak 90 RPS featured a built-in phase meter and correction, and a splice finder
    Delay unit - Many stations used this model to foster local talk shows, especially the telephone talk programs. This and similar machines eventually gave way to digital (bit brigade) machines.