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Broadcast Audio

Broadcast Audio was founded by John Fernandez, and produced a series of very popular consoles in the 1970s. 

The line was sold to Fidelipac in 1990, which was sold to LPB in 2000.  

LPB went out of business in 2008, with the console line being sold to Dave Strode, who operates it as Sandies. The contact info for parts and service is:

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Series II - 1978-87

442 were shipped

Series IV - 1985-93

Marketed as System x-IV from 5 to 20 channels. "System R" referred to rotary pots. System RM" referred to

12 Channels could feed two stereo and one mono busses

224 were shipped, including the 16's  In 1985, System 8 was $7,550, System 12 was $9,950 and the System 16 was $10,950

Series IV - 1985-93

16 Channels can feed three stereo and one mono busses.

  Series VI - 1989-96

119 were shipped